SFSperformance bike fitting is a technique used by cycling professionals. This study allows the cyclist to improve his posture on the bike in a dynamic way, to ride faster, for longer distances and with more comfort. Thus, pedaling becomes more efficient, generating more power during competition, training or simply recreational cycling.

As cycling is a repetitive bio-mechanical exercise, the risk of long-term injury can go unnoticed for many years and the consequences can be irreversible.

The service SFSperformance allows you to avoid the risk of injury and you can forget all these pains (knee, back, numb toes, stiffness in the neck and shoulders …) which keep away from the competition, workouts or simply bike rides.

SFSperformance will bring you the peace of mind that you are now riding in the best and most appropriate position to your abilities and your cycling experience.

With this bike fitting you will know that for every event, training program, or hiking weekend, you will do it to the best of your ability and in total symbiosis with your bike.

SFSperformance bike fitting is also independent of age. Anyone who is willing to try is welcome and will feel the difference after 0 to 30 days.

What they say

Velo101 - Interview de Daniel Casado

"The bike fittings open to the public are very correct, but these are neither thorough nor personalized, so I developed a new method."


"The more adventurous can afford the advice of Daniel Casado, who has worked for Specialized for a long time and now works with professional riders. On the program: Four hours of dialogue, measurements, numerical analyzes and postural studies to improve its performance and resistance to effort ... "

La tête et les jambes - Diary of a wheeler

"Until the day I took the step to meet Daniel, founder of SFSperformance who for several years is one of the main figures regarding bike fitting in Paris[...] after that I do not change anything on my bike without going by him first."

"I did my IronMan and I finished! Without any knee pain or anything, it was perfect!... the time trial position is perfect!"

I made a short outing Saturday and this morning a 54 km outing with a good wind and hills. I definitely feel better:
- better overall position, more forward on the bike;
- softer pedaling more fluid;
- no or almost no lumbar tension over the Kms;
- better energy recovery even in hills

Everything is fine, the odds on the bike suit me! no pain, only happiness!

Who am I

My name is Daniel Casado, and I created SFSperformance in 2012.
I come from the American School of Bike Fitting, having worked as Bike Fitter at Specialized in London. Arriving in Paris, I started to work on the development of a new method of BF that offers a more in-depth service, personalized and adapted to the needs of customers.

SFSperformance Bike Fitting is a unique technique used professionally, offering all riders an improvement in their comfort and better power development efficiency, while taking every precaution to avoid injuries.

Having worked in the bike industry for several years as a Bike Fitter and being a cyclist for twenty years, I know that I have the experience, the knowledge and the sincerity to combine both and bring SFSperformance.

For any inquiries please

email SFSperformance.bike@gmail.com
call +34 675 83 10 41